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All Vicont Benua watches are covered with a 24–36 months warranty depending on a specific product. See the warranty period for each item at the web-site. A warranty card is a confirmation of warranty obligations.

Warranty period for straps and bracelets is 1 month.

• The warranty period starts when the product is purchased by an end user. Make sure to enter the purchase date into the warranty card.
• Find warranty conditions in the manual that is provided to the buyer upon the purchase.
• The warranty covers the product’s defects arising through the manufacturer’s fault.
• Warranty application processing and reaction period shall take up to 14 days. Application date is the date of the buyer’s provision of video evidence of the product’s defect.
• Repair and replacement of defective parts, while covered by the warranty, can be made at any workshop at the expense of the buyer. The buyer shall be reimbursed against a receipt and/or workshop’s report.
• The product replacement, while covered by the warranty, is subject to a service shop expert’s report stating that repair is impracticable.
All expenses for the product’s delivery for replacement are covered by the customer. All expenses for the replaced product’s delivery to the customer are covered by Vicont Benua.

The warranty shall not cover the following cases:
• Operation instructions violation;
• Intentional/negligent mechanical or other damage by the buyer or third parties;
• Damage resulting from neglect or improper use (improper temperature control, exposure to liquids, dust, mechanical damage, introduction of foreign objects into the case);
• Water damage resulting from improper use. The watch is not suitable for swimming and diving;
• Misuse;
• Damage caused by natural disasters (acts of nature);
• Natural wear and tear (glass, strap/bracelet, case and bracelet plating, strap/bracelet buckle);
• Signs of unauthorized tampering or attempted independent repair.

Vicont Benua reserves the right to refuse warranty service should the warranty card be missing or incomplete.

When purchasing at Vicont Benua, you automatically agree that you have read and agreed to all terms and conditions. All further appeals and dispute resolution procedures will refer to these terms and conditions.