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Shipping & Payment


The delivery is 100 % free of charge. All orders made at Vicont Benua online store are shipped by local delivery services from central warehouses of the country of delivery. 
The delivery will be made to the address listed in the order and confirmed by a customer in a conversation with a manager. 
Please note that demonstration of goods before the purchase, namely, unpacking, is not provided (with the exception of deliveries made in Bulgaria).
Therefore, we ask you to make a careful choice before purchasing a watch.
Average delivery timeframe is 2-5 working days, subject to correct delivery service work.

Delivery Methods:
• Pick up at post office. The storage period is 5-10 days.
• Home delivery*. Depending on the rules of the local delivery services, 1–2 delivery attempts will be made
The service is provided by selected delivery services. Our manager will provide more detail when confirming your order.

Payment Methods:
• In cash upon order receipt (to the deliveryman)
• Visa/MasterCard at our web-site
• PayPal
• Wire transfer

We do not reserve the goods in stock before the payment is received. Order processing period starts upon the receipt of the payment.
For online orders made by any payment method, all bank transfer fees shall be covered by Vicont Benua.
Regardless of the currency of your country or bank, all payments will be converted to EUR.