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Your personal information will be processed by Prime One Ltd (“Vicont Benua”, reg. no 12302718) while you are using the services or visiting This privacy policy was created in order to make transparent the way we use our customers’ personal data. You will find all the details in the following sections.

What kind of personal data do we collect?

  1. Personal information necessary for processing the order, such as:
    a) Clients’ contact details (name, telephone number and/or e-mail address)
    b) Payment details, credit/debit card information
    c) The information voluntarily given by the client (gender, age, additional address details, date of birth)
    d) Shipping address
  1. Data needed for providing customer support:
    a) your correspondence with us (including pictures and documents attached)
    b) your ID
    c) bank account details
    d) payment history
    e) information on your allergies and other health data you will think necessary to provide us with
    f) purchase history

  2. Data that helps us customize the news and offers for you:
    a) IP address
    b) browsing pattern
    c) page views
    d) geographic location

  3. Data that is used in our marketing research (see section VI below):
    a) purchase amount
    b) payment method
    c) data retained by cookies: your time zone, the pages you have visited, the products you have viewed, how much time you have spent on the website, if you have made any orders and what was their average value, your browser settings
    d) technical data about the devices you used

The information is obtained when the client makes purchases, signs up for our news and offers, surfs or consults customer/tech support.
In the following sections, we’ll provide you more detailed information on how your personal data will be used and for how long we shall retain it (“Storage period”).

How do we store your personal data?

I. We collect your personal data when you make purchases, so we can fulfill our contractual obligations towards you (process your order).

Storage period:
Your personal information will be retained until the end of the warranty period (2 years) and will be erased as soon as it ends.
If your purchase could not be completed due to insufficient funds on your credit card or bank account, we will keep your personal data for 30 days.

II. Your personal data is being processed when you subscribe to our news and offers: we personalize the information that will be sent to you based on your preferences.

Storage period:
This kind of data will be retained for as long as you stay subscribed to our news or keep a profile on our website. Once these conditions change your data will be erased immediately.

III. Your personal data will be processed if you participate in a competition/ challenge or any other event organized by Vicont Benua, so we are able to identify you and communicate with you during and after your participation.

Storage period:
Your personal data will only be kept during the event and the payout period and will be erased as long as it’s over.

IV. Your personal data will be processed when you request tech or client support so that we can comply with your request.

Storage period:
The specific data needed for settling the issue will be erased as soon as it’s resolved.

V. If you participate in our surveys, your personal data will also be processed. We appreciate our clients’ feedback on their interaction with the website and their experience with our product. Therefore, we might send you an email with an invitation to answer some questions about your experience with us. In this way we can improve our services and make them more customer friendly.

Storage period:
We will keep the data for 6 months.
If you don’t want to receive survey invitations from us, please send a request to:

VI. Your personal data will be collected while you browse, in order to help us conduct marketing research and make our offers more interesting for the clients.
You agree the data to be processed by accepting Performance Cookies (see section “Cookie...” below). If you do not accept Performance Cookies, you will still be able to browse the website (unlike strictly Necessary Cookies, that are important for the correct operation of the website. See more in the section “Cookie….” below).

Storage period:
The storage period for each cookie file can be found in our Cookie Settings.

VII. Your personal data will be processed, so we can prevent fraud, carry out risk analysis and risk management.
Apart from the aforementioned kinds of personal information we shall look into the clients’ payment history, order history and the use of our digital services.

Storage period:
The personal data we will use for this purpose will be erased within 6 months, unless there is a legal ground for storing this specific data.
If your purchase is cancelled due to suspicion of fraud, your personal data will be deleted 2 years after the failed payment attempt.

Will my personal data be shared with third parties?

We allow our suppliers access to your personal data when they provide the following services for us:
1. IT support and maintenance,
2. Marketing
3. Storage services 
Also, we will share your personal data with platforms, that will show you advertisements from Vicont Benua.

What kind of advertisement platforms are those?
We place our targeted messages on different advertising platforms (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook etc.) to send you messages that might be interesting for you, so our advertising campaigns become more efficient, and we can provide a better service.

Who handles your personal data?

Only the people involved in processing your personal data for the purposes mentioned above can see your personal information.
Data transmission outside the European Union / European Economic Area/the United Kingdom of Great Britain is made in accordance with data protection laws.
We transfer personal data, based on the European Union Commission’s contractual clauses (
We might have to share your personal information with other data controllers (for example, police) if obliged according to law, and delivery services, so they are able to process and deliver your order.
If your personal information is to be shared with other controllers, they become responsible for the data.

What rights are you entitled to?

  1. As a customer and/or user of you have the right to withhold consent for the processing of your personal information by sending a corresponding request to Withdrawal becomes effective from the moment the request is sent.
  2. You also have the right to demand access to your personal data that’s being processed, learn about the purpose of the data collection and rectify any inaccurate information.
  3. Per your request, your personal data can always be blocked or erased

Please, keep in mind that our web page contains links to other sources (partner networks, advertisement platforms etc.) that might have privacy policies different to ours.

COOKIE: what is it and how do we use it?

A data file we send to your browser from our server that stays on your hard drive is called cookie. It facilitates access to a page you’ve visited.
The cookies are being used for keeping your personal data in order to personalize the services we provide.  You can choose whether to accept cookies or not: configure your browser following the instructions, so every time you receive a cookie a notification will appear. If you block cookies, you will still be able to surf the website yet some sections will become unavailable for you.  

We use the following cookie-file types:

  1. Strictly Necessary Cookies (necessary for the correct work of the website so the client can get all the needed services and get access to the protected areas)
  2. Performance Cookies (used for counting the number of visitors and analyzing their browsing behavior: what links they open, what pages get the most views – so we can customize our services according to our clients’ needs)
  3. Functional Cookies (for keeping the information about settings used by the clients: language, region etc.)

Data security

Your personal data is protected by appropriate security measures (organizational and technical) which includes access restrictions, traceability, secure connections and disaster-recovery. Our security policies and procedures are regularly reviewed, so we are sure that the systems are fully protected.

Contact information

If you have any questions about our Privacy policy, please contact us at:

What if our privacy policy changes?

This privacy policy will be updated if there are any changes in our way of processing your personal data.


Last updated: 2021-05-10