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About Us

The history of Vicont Benua


 Our grandfather, Christophe Benoit, was a watchmaker from Chur, Switzerland. There were two things in the world that he truly treasured – his family, and his craft, to which he dedicated all his life. In 1989, we, Alexander and Astrid, decided to continue in our grandfather's business opening up new levels. And so, Vicont Benua was founded. The opening was specifically timed to Christoph's 80th anniversary.
By that time we had long moved to Northern Italy and had been living in the city of Pavia for 18 years, so this is where the production was set. Christoph Benoit passed away in 1991, but his name and business live on and develop. With love and enthusiasm, we continue to look for the best solutions when creating designs, selecting accessories and materials for our brand's products.
Today Vicont Benua remains a family brand, true to the old European traditions of quality and durability. The name Vicont is derived from the French title of Vicomte and symbolises our family's distant connection to the French Counts of Benoit.